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I set up my photographic business in 2011 and it has made great progress since that time. Memorable successes include winning the inaugural Credit Suisse Photography Competition, permanent displays of my work by the Royal Automobile Club at Pall Mall & Woodcote Park and winning a major prize from the Guild of Photographers in early 2016.   


Currently, I am an Associate of the British Institute of Professional Photographers, the Master Photographers Association and the Society of International Sports & Leisure Photographers. I intend to continue to seek further qualifications as I see this as a way to ensure that I continue to develop my photograhic skills.  



The photographs displayed on the website show racing from the more recent of the major historic motor racing events attended. My photographic style tends towards the artistic, as I want to capture a sense of movement or action in my images. 


My work is published on a regular basis in magazines, used by a broad cross section of leading car clubs and shown on motoring websites. In addition, my images are used by a number of very important participants in the historic motor racing scene.


If you are interested in pictures of sports or GT cars from these events, then you should contact me. I offer a wide range of services from the sale of a single image through to the production of a complete ‘coffee table’ book.  




In addition to my commercial work, I use my photographic skills to raise money for charity and have raised a total in excess of £25,000 for Teenage Cancer Trust and, more recently, the Henry Surtees Foundation. 


I am also Chairman of the Photography Group at the Royal Automobile Club, which has a very interesting and diverse programme including a number of motoring related events.  


I welcome feedback from anyone looking at my work, whether positive or negative, as I maintain a constant effort to improve the quality of my work and the impact of the photographs. 



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